Main Source code

The source code of the main is the center of each project. This is usually the program that you have written in a language like Python, PHP, GO or any other language.

Dockerfile required

Each source code must have a valid Dockerfile at the root of the source code. The deployment process will start by building an image from the provided Dockerfile. This image will then be run as the main container.

Import from the app library

You can import source code from Doprax App Market

Import from GitHub

You can connect Doprax to your GitHub account.

Pull new changes

When you want to deploy a new version of your source code, you can easily pull new changes from the GitHub repository by clicking the “Pull new changes” button in the main > source code.

Latest pulled commits

In Main > source code, you can see the history of each time you have pulled any changes since the initial cloning of the source code.

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