Main Source code

The main source code is the heart of your project. It represents the program you have written in a language like Python, PHP, GO, or any other supported language. In Doprax, the main source code is an essential component that drives your application’s functionality.

Dockerfile Requirement

To deploy your application on Doprax, your source code must include a valid Dockerfile at the root directory. The Dockerfile serves as the blueprint for building the container image that will run as your main application container. It specifies the necessary dependencies, configurations, and commands required to set up your application environment.

Import from Doprax App Market

If you’re looking for pre-built applications or code snippets to enhance your project, Doprax provides an App Market where you can import source code directly into your project. Browse through the available options, choose the ones that suit your needs, and seamlessly integrate them into your application.

Import from GitHub

If your source code is stored in a GitHub repository, you can easily connect Doprax to your GitHub account. This integration allows you to import your source code directly from your GitHub repository, making it simple to keep your Doprax project in sync with your GitHub repository. [more]

Pull New Changes

When you make updates to your source code and want to deploy a new version, Doprax simplifies the process by allowing you to pull the latest changes from your GitHub repository directly within the Doprax platform. Clicking the “Pull New Changes” button in the Main > Source Code section initiates the synchronization, ensuring your Doprax project reflects the most recent updates.

Latest Pulled Commits

Within the Main > Source Code section, you can conveniently review the history of each time you have pulled changes from your GitHub repository. This feature provides visibility into the commit history and enables you to track the progress and development of your project over time.


The main source code is the core of your application and Doprax provides a seamless integration process to import, manage, and deploy your source code. By ensuring a valid Dockerfile, integrating with the Doprax App Market, and enabling GitHub integration, we make it easier for you to maintain and update your application’s codebase.

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