Cloud hosting for your
Apps, Websites and APIs.

Doprax makes cloud hosting easy and safe.
From beginners to senior developers, no matter
what technical level you’re on, we got your back!

Just deploy it – up and running in 3 steps

1. Signup and create an app

2. Connect to GitHub and pull code

3. Click ‘Run’ and enjoy the result

The best PaaS for startups

We support Early stage startups,
Freelancer, and entrepreneurs to
host, run and maintain their applications.

What can I build on the
Doprax cloud platform?

Doprax is a cloud hosting platform and your code can be published in any programming language. Doprax is completely based on the container architecture (Docker) and we do the docking of your entire program with just a few clicks.


Make a quick live prototype in a matter of minutes


Create and deploy your backend APIs for your web or mobile app

CMS Website

Deploy your favorite Content Management System and run your site in the containerized fashion.

Test Servers

Quickly spin up a server for an easy way to test your application. Pull from GitHub in a few clicks.

Cron Jobs

Run your periodic and cron job tasks with ease

Static Websites

Get all the benefits of static code. Quickly build a superfast and stable static website on Doprax Cloud.

Scale up your project
on Doprax Platform

Scaling an application has never been easier. Scale up and down your app and it’s databases
and components with one click!

From a ‘hello world’ to a global application.
We support you throughout your journey.

Attractive pricing

Pay only for the resources you actually use


Always free

256 MB RAM
0.2 Core vCPU
Disk: 2 GB
Limitation: Stops after 1 hour
Free support


From $6/month

Up to 64 GB RAM
Up to 16 Core vCPU
Up to 16 TB
Great uptime
Free support


Contact sales

Custom Pre-build App Library
Customized solutions
Team and user management
Custom SLA
Priority Support

Pricing calculator

Calculate the cost of your server per hour, day and month

You only pay for what you actually use. Expenses on Doprax are calculated according to your consumption of resources, and this is done with high accuracy. We count the precise amount of seconds that your app is running, that way you will never pay too much for hosting on Doprax.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a trial version?

Yes, we call it free trial forever. You can work on your projects, deploy and run your code on Doprax 100% free to learn the platform, build and test your application, but your app will only run for a limited time. We stop all free apps after 10 minutes.

Can I publish my app to the App Market?

Yes. The App Market will open to the public on November 20th, 2022.

Where are your data centers?

When you host on Doprax, your application will be hosted in a data center from AWS, Google or Hetzner.

What DNS servers do you recommend?

We will recommend you to use Cloudflare as your DNS server in combination with Doprax.

Will you help transfer from my current web host?

Yes, we will help you. Once signed up with credit card, you can contact support at to get moving.
Note: Are you having trouble migrating to Doprax? Don’t worry! We will help you for free. Get in touch with us and ask for hands-on help to get you started quickly.

Now, are you ready to rock?

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