App space disk usage

At Doprax, we provide app spaces with carefully allocated disk space to ensure optimal performance and cost-effectiveness. Each app space comes with a specific disk capacity, allowing you to efficiently manage your application’s data and resources. As you deploy your apps, you’ll be able to monitor the disk usage within your app space and ensure you stay within the allocated limit.

It’s important to be mindful of dynamic runtime disk usage when using app spaces. The dynamic runtime disk usage refers to the space consumed by your application while it runs, particularly in the container’s writable layer. This writable layer is where your app writes data during runtime, and any changes made in this layer are erased when the container restarts.

If you notice unusually high dynamic runtime disk usage, it could be an indication that your application is continuously writing data to the container’s writable layer, which might lead to unexpected behavior and potential data loss. To address this, we recommend exploring two key solutions:

  1. Utilize Volumes: Volumes are a powerful feature that allows you to persist data beyond the container’s lifecycle. By using volumes, you can store critical data externally, ensuring it remains intact even when the container restarts. This is particularly helpful for applications that require data consistency and persistence.
  2. Check Source Code for Errors: High dynamic runtime disk usage can also be a symptom of errors in your application’s source code. Review your code carefully to identify any inefficiencies or unnecessary data writing. Optimizing your code will not only reduce disk usage but also improve overall application performance.

If you find that your disk usage is consistently exceeding the app space limit, it might be time to consider upgrading to a higher tier. Our app spaces are designed to scale with your growing needs, and upgrading will provide you with increased disk capacity to accommodate your expanding application data.

At Doprax, we prioritize transparent communication and empowering our users with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their applications. By understanding disk usage and adopting best practices, you can ensure your apps run smoothly and efficiently on our platform.

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