Import code from GitHub


Doprax offers a seamless GitHub integration, enabling you to import and sync your source code directly from your GitHub account. This feature simplifies the development process by allowing easy access and management of your code repositories.

Getting Started

  • A Doprax account.
  • A GitHub account.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Connecting Your GitHub Account

If your Doprax account is not yet connected to GitHub:

  1. Navigate to Account Settings: Go to the /account/ page on the Doprax platform.
  2. Connect to GitHub: Click on the “Connect to GitHub” button.
  3. Authorize Doprax: Follow the prompts to authorize Doprax on GitHub. This will link your GitHub account to your Doprax account.

For more information checkout this documentation page how to connect your GitHub account to Doprax.

2. Importing Code from GitHub

Once your GitHub account is connected from the app platform section, click one of your app space or create a new app space. In the chosen app space, follow the steps:

Import code from github
  1. Create an App: Start by creating a new app in the app space on Doprax app platform.
  2. Access Main Code Section: Click on the app you just created and you will be directed to the main code of your app.
  3. Import from GitHub: Click on “Import from GitHub.” You’ll be redirected to a page listing your GitHub repositories.
  4. Select Repository: Choose the repository you wish to import and confirm.

If your repository has doprax.yaml configuration file, in the main code section, you will be asked to confirm automatic configuration. For example in the doprax.yaml file you can define environment variables and also databases. Check out doprax.yaml docs page to learn more.

3. Syncing Your Code

To keep your Doprax app updated with the latest changes in your GitHub repository:

  1. Go to Main code: In the “main code” section of your app, locate the “Pull new changes” option.
  2. Pull New changes: Click on Pull New Changes button to sync the latest commits of the branch from your GitHub repository.

In the

Doprax app main code section

Viewing Recent Pulls

  • Below the sync option, you’ll find a list of the latest pulls, including the dates and messages from the last commit. This helps you track the most recent changes imported to your Doprax app.

Best Practices

  • Regularly sync your code to ensure your Doprax app is up-to-date.
  • Check the commit messages and dates in the recent pulls list for a clear history of changes.


  • If you encounter issues while connecting or syncing, ensure that your GitHub account permissions are correctly set. Check out this docs page about how to connect your GitHub account to Doprax
  • For further assistance, contact Doprax support.

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