We believe developers are the main driving engine of innovation in our digital economy. Business moves fast and development needs to be agile enough. APIs are essential parts of every website, application and modern business in general but building APIs is complex and deploying them could be even more complex and time-consuming and all these development and deployment complexities take too much creative energy and time.

Fermesk Rashidi


Hemen Showkati

Co-founder & CEO


Our mission is to empower developers to be more effective through reusable coding and eliminate deployment hassle.

For years we have been closely engaged with develper community and as develpers ourselves have felt the need for a change in the way APIs are built and deployed. We have started doprax in late 2018. We work with developers and startups worldwide to deliver a swift and effective API creation and deployment experience. We envision a time where developers and startups could focus on creative products and bringing innovative solutions to the market without having to deal with time consuming and error-prone jobs of API creation and deployment. No reinvented wheels.