Our story

An Open cloud platform

Our mission is to make the deployment simple

Doprax is a cloud platform that makes the Deployment and hosting of websites super easy. Doprax is creating the next generation of the cloud for developers. We automate and manage the development and deployment environment of your apps and APIs so teams can focus on creating awesome products, without the hassle of development and DevOps.

The world runs on software but creating and operating it is becoming more and more complex. Good DevOps people are very hard to find and are the most expensive folks in a startup team. Using the doprax cloud platform teams can hire DevOps teams at a much later stage. Out of the box, doprax performs much of the essential tasks automatically. Doprax app library is the marketplace for apps and APIs with a growing library of open-source projects that are deployable with just a few clicks.

Realized the problem

We were working on our first startup. When the MVP was ready to release, our problem started with deployment! There was just no easy way to get the website on the internet. Then if you managed to deploy it, it was a hassle every time you tried to deploy a new version. All the DNS, SSL, CI/CD took more time than we could afford! Banging our head against the wall for a misconfig in the server. There should be a better way …

We started working on the problem

In late 2018 We started working on a doprax to create a better way to develop and deploy websites and web apps. Doprax is developer-centric and works to empower developers to be able to develop, deploy and scale their websites and apps easily and focus on creating innovative products and services without deployment hassle. The entire Development / Deployment cycle must be fun and remain fun.
Jan 2019

Established the company & beta version

In early 2020 we incorporated the company in Denmark. We sat tight throughout the pandemic and created a fully stable version of the platform

Version 1

We released version 1 on May 3rd, 2021 the journey now begins
May 2021
Hemen Showkati
Hemen Showkati
Co-founder and CEO
Fermesk Rashidi
Fermesk Rashidi
Co-founder and CTO
Linus Lorentzen
Linus Lorentzen
Co-founder, CMO

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