Import code from GitHub

Connect to GitHub account

You can import your source code from your GitHub account. Both public and private repositories could be imported from your account on GitHub. To do that you need to connect your Doprax account to your GitHub account. Go to the account section ( and click on the “connect to github” button.

Connect to GitHub

You will be directed to the GitHub website to authorize doprax to access your repositories. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to log in to your GitHub account, and then you will be shown the authorization page. It will look like the image below. Click on authorize dopraxcom to continue.

connect to github

You can always manage authorization settings from your GitHub account settings section ( Now your doprax account is connected to your GitHub account.

Import source code from GitHub

You can import any repository in your GitHub account as the main source code. Go to your project’s main page and click on import from GitHub button in source code section.

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