Doprax now supports every programming language

We always envisioned Doprax to be an all-purpose cloud platform for all kinds of websites and web applications, regardless of the programming language. We started small, you sometimes do! Furthermore, we started by focusing on Python programs. It was good, but we wanted it to be great! So we never stopped working. Now it’s my … Read more

Doprax is accepted into the Beyond Beta accelerator

It is our pleasure to announce that the Doprax team has been accepted to participate in the Beyond Beta acceleration program. We will be participating in the core acceleration program that starts in late September and will continue for 5 months. We hope this will start the next phase of progress with Doprax. We will … Read more

New feature: Django support

A new type of project template has been added. You can choose Django lite as your project template when you create new projects.  Django lite projects use SQLite as the database. SQLite stores all the data in a file in the project root. It is not suitable for production use but since it is very light-weight, it will … Read more

New feature: Import from GitHub

We have recently added a new feature to Doprax. As you might have guessed, the new feature is to import projects from GitHub! For now, we support Django projects out of the box. But if you are familiar with docker files, you can develop and deploy any project that you want.  The process is very … Read more

Doprax version 0.7

Good news. We have finally reached version 0.7. With the release of the latest version of doprax (0.7), we have officially released our stable version. We have worked a ton since the beta version which we released in September 2019.  The current feature sets are: We are very happy to reach this milestone. It was … Read more