Doprax is accepted into the Beyond Beta accelerator

It is our pleasure to announce that the Doprax team has been accepted to participate in the Beyond Beta acceleration program. We will be participating in the core acceleration program that starts in late September and will continue for 5 months. We hope this will start the next phase of progress with Doprax. We will be true to our mission of making hosting and deployment simple and fun!

About the Beyond Beta accelerator

The Beyond Beta accelerator is a collaboration between Accelerace, The Danish Business Hubs, and Danish Design Center, who have combined their experience of working with over 1000 startups to build this next evolutionary step of European accelerators. We, at Doprax, are very grateful to be given the opportunity to participate in the Beyond Beta program.

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The small and strong team behind Doprax

Currently, Doprax is a team of 3. Fermesk, Linus and Hemen. We are a bunch of hardworking people that want to improve the lives of developers by making hosting and deployments easier. We are banded together to solve a big problem.

Fermesk Rashidi, our CTO, is passionate about useful technology that actually makes the lives of people easier.

Linus Lorentzen, our CMO, and growth wizard, deeply cares about the development community and finding ways to solve their issues.

Hemen Showkati, our CEO, loves taking on big challenges and building from the ground up!

The Doprax team has been accepted to the Beyond Beta accelerator
The Doprax team: Linus Lorentzen, Fermesk Rashidi and Hemen Showkati. Aarhus, Denmark, September 2021.

We are hiring!

The Doprax team needs fresh talent! If you like working in a technology startup, solving big problems, and have experience in the following areas, you should apply for one of our open positions. Don’t wait, apply today to become the next member of the Doprax dream team.

Front end developer

With experience in JS, VueJS / React.

DevOps Engineer

Experienced with Docker, Kubernetes and Infrastructure administration and automation.

Technical Writer

Technical Content Manager with the love of writing and technology

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