Doprax now supports every programming language

We always envisioned Doprax to be an all-purpose cloud platform for all kinds of websites and web applications, regardless of the programming language. We started small, you sometimes do! Furthermore, we started by focusing on Python programs. It was good, but we wanted it to be great! So we never stopped working.

Now it’s my pleasure to introduce the second version of Doprax that supports every programming language. Now you can deploy your programs to Doprax, whether they are written in Python, PHP, Go, JS or Java … yes, you name it! We have intentionally avoided any magic. What I mean by magic is background operations that you, as the end-user, have no idea of how works, and there is no simple way to find out. Every piece of automation is transparent and is based on industry standards.

Now we are also introducing app templates. App templates are packaged projects that are ready to be deployed. We use the infrastructure-as-code concept (in YAML format) on top of Doprax’s plentiful managed services. Now you can deploy a fairly complicated application much simpler! Go and sign up/sign in to enjoy the new features today.

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