Virtual Machines: A New Milestone at Doprax Cloud

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Hello Doprax community! We’re excited to share a major leap forward – the launch of Virtual Machines on Doprax Cloud. This innovation is the fruit of our team’s tireless dedication and passion for excellence. Crafted with your needs at the forefront, our Virtual Machines embody the spirit of hard work and innovation that defines Doprax. Join us in embracing this new era of computing, designed to elevate your projects and workflows to unparalleled heights.

Not just like any Virtual Machine

What truly sets Doprax Cloud’s Virtual Machines apart is our innovative approach to app deployment. Leveraging the power of Ansible, an industry-leading automation tool, we’ve simplified the process of setting up and running applications on VMs. This means that whether you’re deploying complex self-hosted applications or configuring intricate server environments, Ansible automates the heavy lifting. The result? A streamlined, error-free deployment process that saves time and reduces the potential for manual configuration mistakes. This integration of Ansible into our VMs not only ensures efficiency but also provides a level of simplicity and reliability that’s hard to find elsewhere, making Doprax’s VMs an ideal choice for developers and small businesses seeking a hassle-free deployment experience.

  • Customizability: Our VMs offer complete control over your server environment. Customize hardware specifications, software configurations, and networking settings to meet your specific needs.
  • Legacy Applications: Do you have applications that don’t gel with modern hosting platforms? VMs create isolated environments, perfect for running legacy applications without compatibility issues.
  • Resource-Intensive Workloads: For tasks like data analysis, machine learning, or simulations, our VMs provide dedicated resources to ensure optimal performance.
  • Complex Networking: If your project demands advanced networking setups such as load balancing or VPN, Doprax’s VMs are the ideal solution.

Virtual Machines vs. Doprax App Platform: Making the Right Choice: Deciding between Virtual Machines and our App Platform depends on your specific needs:

Opt for Virtual Machines if:

    • Your application is not containerized.
    • You desire full control over server environments.
    • Your applications require specific hardware or specialized features.
    • You have legacy applications needing a compatible environment.
    • Your workloads demand high computational power or extensive resources.

Choose the Doprax App Platform for:

  • A hassle-free, managed platform with automatic scaling.
  • Rapid deployment and easy scalability.
  • A focus on application development without infrastructure management worries.
  • Built-in features like databases and caches without manual setup.

Conclusion: Whether you choose our Virtual Machines for their unparalleled control and customization or our App Platform for its efficiency and simplicity, Doprax Cloud provides a comprehensive ecosystem to meet your diverse needs. Still unsure which option is best for you? Our support team is always ready to assist.

Explore the limitless possibilities with Doprax Cloud – where innovation meets simplicity.

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