New feature: Django support

A new type of project template has been added. You can choose Django lite as your project template when you create new projects.  Django lite projects use SQLite as the database. SQLite stores all the data in a file in the project root. It is not suitable for production use but since it is very light-weight, it will consume less computation resources. You can safely use Django lite project templates to start developing your new project or for learning purposes.

Along with Django lite, there is also a Django full project template. Django full uses full-fledged databases like MySQL that are production-ready, secure, and stable. But on the other hand, for a development environment or a test project, this type of database may be overkill. It takes about a minute for a MySQL instance to be initialized. Also, it at least needs a couple of hundreds of Megabytes of RAM.

So if you are just starting to learn Django or in the initial stages of your project development, you can easily choose the Django lite project template. But if you have a data-intensive application or in the latter stages of your app development, it is better to use Django full with full-fledged databases.

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