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Create, deploy, and scale your applications with ease

App Spaces on Doprax Cloud is where you can experience the great freedom and control over your application environments. With Doprax, you can build, test, and deploy your applications hassle-free in isolated and secure spaces. Our cutting-edge infrastructure ensures optimal performance and scalability, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your application’s success.

Doprax app spaces

So what are Doprax App Spaces?

Doprax App Spaces are self-contained environments designed to host your applications. Each app space provides a dedicated set of resources, including compute power, memory, storage, and network connectivity. By isolating your applications within their own spaces, you gain unparalleled flexibility, security, and performance.

Key features and benefits of App Spaces

Isolation and security

With Doprax App Spaces, your applications are shielded from the impact of other applications running on the same infrastructure. Enjoy enhanced security and peace of mind knowing that your sensitive data is protected within its own isolated environment.

Custom resource allocation

Tailor your app space to meet the specific requirements of your applications. Allocate CPU, RAM, disk space, and network resources based on your needs. Scale up or down effortlessly as your application demands change over time.

Efficient Resource Utilization

Maximize resource utilization with Doprax’s intelligent provisioning system. Our platform ensures that you have the right amount of resources available to run your applications efficiently, minimizing waste and optimizing cost-effectiveness.

Easy Deployment and Management

Simplify the deployment process with Doprax’s intuitive interface. Create new app spaces with a few clicks, import your source code, and launch your applications seamlessly. Our user-friendly dashboard provides complete visibility and control over your app spaces, allowing you to manage, monitor, and scale effortlessly.

Diverse App Space Types

Choose from a range of app space types tailored to different application needs. Whether you require a standard app space for small-scale projects or a dedicated app space for high-performance applications, Doprax has you covered. Explore our app space types to find the perfect fit for your requirements.

Get started with Doprax App Spaces

Experience the power and flexibility of Doprax App Spaces by creating your first App Space today. Dive into our comprehensive documentation and tutorials to learn how to make the most of our platform. Our dedicated support team is always here to assist you along your journey.

Don’t let infrastructure complexities hold you back. Empower your applications with Doprax App Spaces and unlock their true potential. Join the thriving community of developers and businesses who trust Doprax for their application hosting needs.

Get started now and revolutionize the way you build, deploy, and scale your applications with Doprax App Spaces!

How to get started

  1. Signup to Doprax
  2. Verify your account email
  3. Go to your dashboard
  4. Add a minimum $5 to our account
  5. Navigate to App Spaces > Create new app space
  6. Give your new App Space a name
  7. Select a location
  8. Select your preferred type of App Space
  9. Click ‘Create app space’
    – Congratulations, you now have a new home for your code.

We help you migrate to Doprax

If you have an existing project hosted elsewhere and have run into difficulties with the migration process, please reach out to us. We are happy to give it a try. But keep in mind that we can’t promise to fix your application; there might be fundamental design limitations in your existing application, and fixing such issues might be outside the scope of this free offering.

Pro-tip: To completely avoid migration headaches – build your app on the Doprax Cloud from the bringing 😉

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