Deploy your code in 2 minutes to the Doprx cloud platform

Doprax cloud platform makes the deployment and hosting of websites and web services as simple as pushing few clicks

What can you do on doprax?

Doprax is a cloud platform that can host sites, web services in any programming language.


All kinds of websites, from Django and NodeJS to WordPress and Drupal

Rapid prototype

Create a quick prototype of your idea

Backed APIs

APIs that power websites and mobile applications

Cron jobs

Periodic and one-time jobs and batchprocesses

Static sites

Modern static sites with React, Vuejs, NextJS and much more

Create Staging server

Test your applications before deploying them to your production servers

Deploy with ease

Say goodbye to the hassle of deployment

 Create a project

Sign up, create a project, connect to your GitHub account

 Push your code to GitHub

Doprax will get your code from GitHub

 Click deploy, and BOOM!

Congratulations! You got yourself a web application!

One-click services

No installation, no config, just add them to your projects with a click!

Most popular open-source projects

Easily use them in your projects with no installation

 Greater security and reliability

Professionally curated Official docker releases

 Easily customizable

100% customizable to your needs

Pre-made projects!

Deploy pre-made open-source projects from the community with one click!

Effortless Deploy

Quickly checkout and deploy open-source projects made by the community with zero effort.

Quick MVP

Use scaffoldings and app templates to instantly create prototypes

Play around

100% customizable to your needs

Speed up with zero DevOps

 Deploying an app is as simple as pushing a button. The rest is done by the doprax platform

  • Integration with GitHub
  • Automatic SSL
  • Zero down-time
  • 100% customization
  • Team work
  • 24/7 Support 

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