Host your webapps in one minute

Build, deploy, and scale apps easily using doprax app engine, a fully-managed solution. We will manage the infrastructure, app runtimes, and dependencies, so that in just a few clicks you can push code to production.





Node JS


How it works?

  • Import your source code from GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket
  • Add services with one click and zero config (Mysql, Redis, Elasticsearch, Nginx, ...)
  • Add your custom domain
  • One-click deploy

Deploy your code simply and securely

Deploy your app only using a browser

Use simple and intuitive interface to build, deploy and manage apps.

Managed services

Add services like Mysql and redis with a one click. The rest is managed by doprax app engine

Managed SSL

We create, manage and renew your SSL certificates to keep your app secure

Highly customizable

Every aspect of the app build and deployment is customizable to give you maximum flexibility

What can you build on doprax app engine?

Web Apps

Create web apps using popular languages and frameworks like Django, Ruby on Rails and Node.js


Create backend APIs for your clients (Android, IOS, React, Vue.js,...)

Static Sites

Build and Deploy your static websites that are secure, fast and scalable.

Zero DevOps

 Deploying an app is as simple as pushing a button. The rest is done by the app engine

 Your team can focus on developing the app and not be bugged down with deplopyment

 Under the hood doprax app engine works with ducker containers on kubernets cluster so you can be sure that you're running your precious on a state of the art infrastructure

Price calculator

Pay only for the resource you actually use.