Projects In Doprax

updated: 8 months, 1 week ago

In doprax your APIs will be organized in projects. Inside projects you can create as many apps as you need. Apps of a project will share one-click services with each other. Services could be databases, caches or any other software or service needed by your APIs. For example you could add a Mysql service to your project. Inside every app of that project, Mysql will be available to all apps of the project and data stored in it will be accessible by them. All apps and all services inside a project are connected to each other by a internal private network specific to your project. Below is a figure showing the layout of a project in doprax.

App of a project:

  • Is a single functioning API with a unique endpoint (address)

  • Is a docker container to run your code specific to that app

  • Is made of one or multiple reusable code components

A Services of a project is:

  • An official docker image of that service (docker image of mysql or redis , ....)

  • Available to all apps through project network

  • Auto-installed, auto-configured and auto-deployed