Create Project

updated: 8 months, 1 week ago

Create Projects

You can create projects from your dashboard. To create a project you need to first login to your account. Choose a descriptive title for your project and you can also add an optional description. Title of your project will be used to create unique alias for your project to be used in URL of APIs inside the project.

The structure of your API urls are as follows:


I have created a project named “awesome app” so the project alias will be “awesome-app”. Note that the space has been replaced with a dash “-”. The base url of all my APIs in this project will be:

Then when I create an app with title of “signup” the default endpoint (url) of the app will be:

If you want to change the default url of the API you can do it in API editor.

When you first signup and don’t  have any projects yet, there will be a button titled “Start first project”. After clicking it, you will be prompted to enter a title and a description (optional). After that a new hello world app will be added to your first project and you will be redirected to the API editor. In API Editor, you only need to click run (2) to execute the hello world app. API editor is shown in image below.

The URL of the hello world will be:

When you have executed the app (by clicking run) the API would be live it will output a simple hello world as follows