updated: 8 months, 1 week ago

Code written in one place will probably need some modifications to be used in another so In doprax you develop APIs by using reusable code components which are instantly deployable to the cloud easily by connecting them to perform the desired task. Let’s start with a simple example. In the image below you can see the graph of a simple signup API in doprax. Each of grey rectangles is a reusable code component (i.e. component). Components do a specific task like parsing signup input, validating them, save some data send and email. In the simple example below the API consists of 5 components (Parse input, Insert into db, activate, send email and response). Each one of these components is a python file which upon execution will do a specific task and produce an input which is fed to the next components (or return to user).  

Example of an app in doprax

Websites and application rarely rely on a single API endpoint (apps) and there are usually multiple apps that as a whole perform an orchestrated job. All apps of a project can be managed in project page.

Most APIs depend on software and services to perform their tasks. For example most APIs use some kind of database (mysql, postgres, etc) to save data and retrieve it when needed. Doprax manages these services so you can focus on development of your APIs. If you need to use a service (like PostgreSQL) in your API, just add it to the project. When a service is added to a project, it is accessible by all apps in that project through the project network. Connection of services to apps is done automatically and you can connect to any service by calling the servicename_host.