Feature added: Import from GitHub

   Published: 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Hemen Showkati

We have recently added a new feature to doprax. As you might have guessed, the new feature is import projects from Github! For now, we support Django projects out of the box. But if you are familiar with docker files you can develop and deploy and project that you want. 

The process is very easy. From your dashboard in doprax, go to the account section and there click "connect to GitHub".

Connect to github

Connect to GitHub from the account section


You will be directed to Github's OAuth page. If you are already logged in with your Github account in your local machine, you just confirm the access of doprax OAuth app to your GitHub account.

Confirm access

Authorize doprax to access your account repositories

After confirmation, you will be redirected to doprax. Now your doprax account is connected to your GitHub account. 

Now connected to github

Now your doprax account is connected to your GitHub account

To import projects from your GitHub repositories, click on "import from GitHub" in your dashboard (or projects page).

to import click import from github

Import from GitHub from your dashboard

Next, select the repository that you want to import. Click import to go to next step.

list of github repos

A list of your GitHub repositories will appear. Choose the one you want to import


Next, you will be prompted to fill a form to create a new project for your repository. Click on "import and create project" and it's done. 

Finalize import and create new project

Finalize import and create a new project for it

After the import is completed, your repository will be cloned into the source folder of the new project, The necessary scripts and a docker file will be added automatically.